Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The first day of the rest of my life.

Have you ever start reading a book and know you shouldn't because it's too late? 3 chapters in

it's midnight, you gotta get up in a few hours but the end of the 3rd leaves you hanging on

the edge. You reluctantly put the book on your nightstand and shut off the lights. Your

head hits the pillow and with the little bit of light in the room, you can see the book. You

struggle with every ounce of your energy, to not turn the lights back on. It takes some time

but you reluctantly fall asleep, thinking about what the next chapter has in store. Knowing

it will be the best in the book..... This inspired my first poem EVER! hahaha.

   I picked up a new book last night, 
 it was a bit late, but I did it despite.
Three chapters in, the story was clear,
the 4th chapter in, will the best of my career.
I put the book down, and turned off the lights,
my head hit the pillow, the book not far from sight.
As I fought the urge, to continue on,
I lied awake thinking, how it all could go wrong.
I'm guiding a ship, I'll stand tall like a sailor,
with strength and resilience, comes no fear of failure.

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